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Savings Accounts

Saving money is the ticket to many of the the things you want in life. Saving regularly lets you enjoy the good life - not just dream about it!

At Vigo County Federal Credit Union, we offer a wide variety of savings accounts so you'll find a savings plan for most every budget and every goal.

Please be sure to check our Savings Rates to see why you should keep your money at Vigo County Federal Credit Union.

Share Plus Savings Checking Accounts Holiday Club Accounts Share Certificates Individual Retirement Accounts Select a Vigo County FCU Financial Product:

Share Plus Savings

Our Share Plus Savings account earns dividends calculated on the daily balance in the account. Dividends are paid and compounded at the end of every month. There is a $50 minimum deposit.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, your Credit Union is able to pay highly competitive dividends on all our savings plans. As a federal Credit Union, we're insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a thriving federal fund that backs each Credit Union account up to $250,000.

Find out why so many members are saying we're the smartest, safest place to save!

Checking Accounts that Make Sense

Tired of getting hit with high fees on your checking account? Vigo County FCU's checking account is designed with our members in mind. With our Share Draft Checking Account you can save money on high service fees and enjoy convenient features!

  • No service fees
  • Earn dividends on days when account balance is at least $2,000.
  • Dividends are posted monthly
  • Unlimited check writing capability
  • Duplicate copy of each check you write

Holiday Club Accounts

Nothing takes the hurry and flurry out of holiday planning like being prepared. Open a Holiday Club Account and you won't have to cut your holiday plans short because you're short on cash! Payroll Deduction makes saving for the holidays extra easy. Sign up for a Holiday Club Account once and each week the designated amount will be deducted from your paycheck. There's no need to come into the credit union and no pass-book to worry about.

In addition to the amount you deposit, you'll receive a dividend at the end of the cycle based on the amount of money you have saved.

The money in your Holiday Club Account is automatically transferred to your checking or savings account every October 31 giving members plenty of time to take advantage of pre-season bargains.

While the Holiday Club Account can be opened at any time, there is a small $10.00 fee to close it before November 1 of any year.

Remember, the sooner you start, the more you'll save! Sign up at the Credit Union today.

Save with our Share Certificates

Vigo County Federal Credit Union offers share certificates in terms ranging from three months to five years. You may receive your earnings monthly by check, transfer your earnings to another account, or compound the earnings back to the certificate.

Penalty for early withdrawal is a 90 day loss of earnings. Minimum deposit is generally $500.

All certificates have an automatic rollover at maturity unless notified.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts are important for a smooth transition into your senior years. Vigo County Federal Credit Union offers several types of IRAs to meet your long range financial needs:

Deposit IRA

This IRA allows you to make routine deposits at any time. Save until the balance in the account has reached the point you can transfer it into an IRA share certificate. Payroll deduction is a safe and easy way to accumulate funds in an IRA Deposit Account.

Roth IRA

One of the most exciting opportunities available, the Roth IRA offers the opportunity for tax-free earnings and withdrawals for retirement and other important goals. The Roth IRA is a five year certificate. Distributions are penalty free and can be made at any time of the share certificate term.

IRA Share Certificate

The IRA Share Certificate has a three year term. Distributions are penalty-free and can be made at any time of the share certificate term.

Education IRA

The new Education IRA is a great way to save for future education expenses because it offers tax-free earnings and withdrawals for higher education expenses. Contribute up to $500 per year, per child (under age 18) into an Education IRA. The Education IRA is a deposit account and earns monthly dividends.

Young Members Club

Open to any young saver through age 12. When the Young Members Club account is opened, the young member receives a special membership card and a Young Members Club bank. When their savings account balance reaches $100, they will be eligible to visit the Treasure Chest to choose a gift. Each time their savings account balance reaches another $100 level, they can visit the Treasure Chest again! What a great way to reward that youngster in the family. Our Young Members Club helps them learn the importance of saving money by giving them a little reward when they reach those certain goals.

Bring in your young saver and open a Young Members Club account today. Let us reward them for being one of our exclusive Young Members Club account savers!